What Are the Cheapest Ways to Clean a Carpet

No one likes to clean carpet. If you like to clean carpet, then you are special. This piece will make you happy. You’re in the minority if you don’t like it. The end result can be so dramatic that it is almost worth all the effort and expense to achieve it.

Hold on. It’s not that expensive to clean your carpet. You can find several super-cheap ways to make your carpet look like it has been VIP treated, no matter what type of carpet you have. You’ve come to right place if you want to know how to clean carpets without breaking the bank.

What makes carpet cleaning so expensive?

Simply put, machines. Hire a carpet-cleaner and you’ll get something that looks like it came from The Terminator: big, wired-up and ready to do some full-on action.

The cost of hiring and running the carpet is astronomical. These babies will eat up the volts and leave you with an expensive carpet.

You need to get rid of the machines. You’re allowed to use a vacuum. But that’s all.

How do you clean your carpet? Continue reading to find out.

Tips for cleaning without a machine

Before we begin the sponging or towelling, we need to make a few points.

1. It takes time to do things.

Machines are a great way to save time. If you are doing it yourself, don’t schedule any appointments in the afternoon. Or in the evening. Just in case.

It’s amazing how a small thing can make a huge difference

Follow the golden rule when using any of these cleaning solutions: check the spot first. Dab some of the cleaner on a small area of carpet that is not visible, such as under a chair or under a snoozy old dog that doesn’t move. Dry it off with a piece of paper towel after rubbing the carpet lightly. Let it dry.

Is there a mark on the surface? You can proceed if it hasn’t. You may need to find another solution if it has. Or you can get lots of old dogs.


Open the windows to allow for faster drying of carpets and to resume normal floor service.

Consider it all

Start with the area surrounding the doorway. You will end up walking over the areas you have just cleaned before they are dry.

What are the current technologies?

You can clean your carpet using the items in your cabinets. You can find some of the best ingredients for cleaning in your cupboards.

Let’s start by figuring out what the best product is to use for cleaning your carpet.

Baking powder

It’s a miracle. It’s so simple to use. It is easiest to use by sprinkling it on your carpet and waiting for a few minutes before vacuuming it up. All you need to do is sprinkle it on your carpet, wait a few minutes and then vacuum up. It’s as simple as that.

You can use a stiff bristled brush to apply baking powder to your carpet if it needs more than just a sprinkle. You’ll also need to dab a little warm soapy water on the stains with a soft brush. Let the carpet dry and then vacuum it. Once again, you’ve got a beautiful carpet.

Baking powder is a great last tip. Try baking powder and a diluted vinegar mist to revive your carpet if it’s not responding well to your efforts. This will set off a chain reaction that is a lot of fun for kids. This will work on stubborn dirt. Let it dry, then vacuum.


One cup of white vinegar (red wine is not recommended!) Mix one cup white vinegar (red wine vinegar is not recommended!) with two cups water. Pour in spray bottle. Apply generously over the entire carpet. Let the carpet dry and then vacuum it.

Two tips for using vinegar. First, vinegar smell is not for everyone. They may not mind the smell, but find it unsuitable for carpets. Add a few drops essential oil to your spray to combat the smell. Add a bit of salt to the solution for an even more powerful cleaning. The grains fight stains.


Oh, yeah. Borax. Sacha Baron Cohen. Brilliant. Not him. It’s white powdery substance used for cleaning since years. It’s sodium bromate, according to chemistry experts. You only need to know that it is great for removing carpet stains.

Mix equal parts of salt and vinegar to form a paste that you can apply using gloves on any stained area. Let the pasted area dry before vacuuming.


You read it right. Snow is a great tool for DIY carpet cleaners. You should only use this method on carpets that can be moved outside. A rug is better than a broadloom. When the area turns Narnia and snow starts to fall, you can lay your rug face down on the snow.

Press down on the back of your rug to ensure that all the fibres are in contact with the white substance. Leave it to sit for about 30 minutes. Shake it up. Let it dry in the sun. Your rug will look much cleaner.

Why? Ammonia in the snow is what picks up dirt and cleans the fibres. Snow joke.

The best is always the most natural

Contact the experts for more information about carpets and carpet cleaning. The experts will ensure that you are using the correct equipment for the job. For affordable options, consider Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Logan.

The majority of the techniques listed above are not only beneficial to your wallet. These techniques are gentle, non-abrasive and restore the carpet to its original glory. The majority are super-green and benefit the environment. No matter what colour your carpet may be.

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