Tips for Buying the Right Kitchen Appliances

Major kitchen appliances are almost as confusing as buying a car. There are many options, with a constant stream of new technology and features. Here are five tips to help you make a decision when it comes to buying new kitchen appliances in Brisbane. You can also find out about the latest features for three of your major appliances: oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

1. Ready, Set, Budget!

There are many reliable and quality kitchen appliances available in all price ranges. Prices will increase due to factors such as finish (stainless is more expensive), features, technology, and capacity. Having a budget in mind before shopping will help you narrow down the options and keep your costs under control.

Consider how long you plan to stay in your house when deciding on your budget for appliances. You might not want to spend a lot of money on a high-end dishwasher if you are replacing an older model in a home you plan to sell within a few year. The extra cost may be worthwhile if it is your dream kitchen remodel.

2. Avoid Buying On Impulse And Avoid Regret

You can be easily tempted by an attractive design, a great sale or a new feature. Think about your family’s needs, the people who will use them, and their intended purpose before you buy. Do some research, as you would when buying a car.

Shopping not your thing? Ask a family member or friend who enjoys shopping for help. It can prevent you from buying the first item that catches your eye.

3. You Can Find Reliable Appliance Brands

Doing your research to find out which brands and types of appliances are the most reliable is a good idea. You may think that the best appliance brands are the high-end ones. But you would be surprised.

The average person expects their major appliances will last about 10 years. This is also pretty close to the expectations of manufacturers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your appliances will not need to be repaired before then.

You can get great advice from your friends, family and online social networks about the brands and types of appliances you should buy – and avoid. People are always happy to share their opinions about the things they love and dislike.

The internet is a great source of information. However, there are many conflicting opinions about which models of appliances to buy. You may not find what you are looking for because the best features and styles are subjective.

It is worth investigating the reliability of brands on the Internet. Consumer Reports offers a good place to begin when looking for ratings of brands. Check your local library if you don’t wish to pay for a subscription. You can probably use the online account or a printed copy of the magazine.

4. Learn What You Need In Your Appliances

Consider what your family requires. Spending more on large capacity or high-end appliances is a good idea if you enjoy cooking or entertaining. Standard size appliances will work well if you are a small family or use your kitchen only occasionally.

Do you love takeout pizza? Make sure the side-by-side fridge can fit large pizza boxes. If you love frozen desserts, then a refrigerator with a bottom-freezer may cause back pain from having to bend over to get to the items.

You may want to avoid smart appliances and those that have many options and controls if you are on first-name terms with the Apple Genius bar experts. Smart appliances are a great option if you have experience with technology.

5. Select Smart Appliance Features Carefully

Smarter appliances are they a good buy? Smarter does not always mean simpler or easier to use. The latest smart gadgets are tempting. If you are comfortable with technology, many “smart features” can really make your life easier. It’s not always a great idea to buy the latest, greatest appliances that come with high-tech computer systems.

Addition of computers and electronic components in appliances means more things to break. The technology is always evolving, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are built to last. You probably replace your phone every few years. Smart appliances, however, may not last that long. When items break, local technicians may not have the training to repair your computer screen in your high-tech refrigerator or other cutting edge appliance.

Popular Dishwasher Features

Pros and cons of hidden controls

The controls can be hidden to give the appliance a sleeker look. Hidden controls can keep small children away from the buttons. Hidden controls can be more expensive. The door must be opened to operate the dishwasher, and some models will not let you know how much time is left on the cycle.

How Much Quiet Do You Want?

It’s not always the case that a more expensive dishwasher is better at cleaning, but almost always it is a quieter one. High-end dishwashers tend to be quieter than cheaper models. If you want a quieter dishwasher, look for one that has between 45 and 50 decibels. Even if your dishwasher is ten years old, you can expect a new, inexpensive dishwasher to be quieter.

Flexible Racks

Consider features like adjustable or flexible racks, or third racks to hold silverware if you are a frequent cook or entertainer. These features are more expensive, but they can be well worth the cost. The cost of drawer-style dishwashers, which are similar to double ovens, is higher, but they have not yet been proven to be reliable.

Popular Oven/Cooktop Features

You probably won’t change your current oven style unless you are doing a complete kitchen remodel. This is usually a freestanding oven or a wall oven that has a separate burner. You’ll want to stick with the same type of fuel (gas or electricity) in most cases unless you have a kitchen that is set up to accommodate both or you are willing to pay to modify it.

Controls and settings

You can find features like delay timers and food warming settings on electronic control panels. Smart controls give you more options.

Convection vs. Convention Ovens

The convection and conventional ovens are almost identical, but adding a fan to a convection model changes how it heats and bakes. The heat in a conventional or regular oven will rise. The fan of a convection-oven circulates hot, moist air to help heat and cook evenly. Convection ovens are faster and use less energy. However, convection ovens are not suitable for all baking tasks. For example, breads, cupcakes and cakes should be baked in an ordinary oven.

Double Ovens

The double oven is a great option for those who like to entertain and cook, but don’t have enough space for two wall ovens. Double ovens are worth the money if you enjoy baking at two different temperatures simultaneously.

What is the downside of double ovens? In most models, the lower oven opens almost directly onto the floor. Some people may find it difficult to bend over and lift a large roast or turkey out of the lower oven. Have bad knees or a iffy back? It’s not for you. You may also have a problem with the low opening of your oven if you’re cooking for small children or pets.

Popular Refrigerator Features

Popular but problematic: Ice and water dispensers

Be cautious about installing ice and water dispensers in your home. Although refrigerator water and ice dispensers may be convenient and popular, they also have some downsides. These dispensers are not only more expensive, but also use more energy. These dispensers take up valuable space on the door. Many refrigerators come with water dispensers that are very compact and take up little space. Consumer Reports found that refrigerators with ice and water dispensers have higher repair rates.

Door alarms and child locks

You can easily be distracted by other things in the kitchen, and forget to close the fridge completely. When you return home, the door will have been partially open for who knows how long. Some refrigerators have alarms that sound when the door is left open for an extended period of time. If you have young children at home, the Child Lock feature is also a great option.

Adjustable Shelves & Drawers

The new refrigerators have a wide range of drawer and shelving options. Split and sliding shelves allow you to further customize your space and maximize its capacity. Some refrigerators also have adjustable storage bins in the door. Some refrigerators have doors inside doors that allow you to easily access items like beverages and condiments.

Get Appliance Kitchen Suppliers Coverage

You may want to cover your new kitchen appliances as well as any other systems and appliances in your home with a  Kitchen Suppliers. Kitchen Suppliers coverage is a great way to protect yourself if something goes wrong.

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