Rentals wanted listings – FAQS

Frequently asked questions

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What is a rental wanted listing?

The rental wanted listing is a type of listing on RentEzy. A rental wanted listing is a listing posted by a person (tenant) looking for a rental property. The rental listing identifies the needs a person has for a rental home. Tenants can create a rental wanted listing to tell private homeowners, property managers and agents what type of home they are looking for, when they want it and any specific information about their personal or family requirements which may impact the selection of a rental home.

Do I have to be a registered user to upload a rental wanted listing?

Yes, users must be registered with to be able to upload a rental wanted listing. Registration or signup is free. When users signup, they are allocated a user dashboard, My Profile. Then users can choose a listing package including one of our free trials and upload a rental wanted listing. See Our policies for more information about our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Do I have to pay for my rental wanted listing?

A rental wanted listing is treated the same as a rental listing. It is an advertisement being placed on As tenants usually don’t advertise rental properties, all people wanting to place a wanted to rent listing can select a FREE TRIAL from the listing packages available. Every person is able to activate one free trial only.

Who will be able to see my rental wanted listing?

Anyone who searches the rental wanted listings using find rentals will be able to see the listing. This will include all visitors to RentEzy and registered users who may include other tenants, homeowners, strata/building or property managers and agents.

How do I complete the upload form for a rental wanted listing?

The upload form is accessed from the Rental wanted page. Users complete the form providing details where appropriate for what they are looking for. The status for the listing must be set to Rental wanted. Everything else can be customised as required. The Hints for uploading a rental wanted listing explains the steps to creating a rental wanted listing on RentEzy.

How do I remove my rental wanted listing?

A rental wanted listing can be removed through the user dashboard, My Profile. Select the sub menu My Properties. In My Properties all rental listings are shown including any rental wanted listings. Below the rental wanted listing are options to edit, delete and hide it. Select the delete option to remove the rental wanted listing from RentEzy’s search pages and database.

Are there any rules/conditions I need to be aware of if I post a wanted to rent listing?

It is very important to us at RentEzy, that the rental property listings and wanted to rent listings are accurate, legitimate, presented attractively, free from typing errors, and complete in details.

We will moderate all listings as they are posted. If required we will edit the wanted to rent listing to ensure it meets the requirements above. We will notify users of any changes made to their wanted to rent listing.

See our policies including terms and conditions, website disclaimer and privacy policy for more information.