Victorian rental laws: recent and upcoming changes

Victorian rental laws: recent and upcoming changes

Across the country, rental laws are changing. In Victoria, several adjustments to rental legislation have already been implemented, with a full suite of reforms expected to take action by July 2020.

Let’s take a look at the recent and upcoming changes to Victorian rentals laws.

Victorian rental laws: recent changes

A Commissioner for Residential Tenancies was appointed

On 10 September 2018, a Commissioner for Residential Tenancies was selected to deliver independent guidance to the Victorian Government on matters relating to residential tenancy policy, programs, and services.

Leases more than five years

From 1 February 2019, rental providers can offer renters tenancy agreements stretching more than five years.

Rooming house details can be suppressed

From 3 April 2019, residents can request to suppress the address of a rooming house from the public register. This measure is designed to protect individuals under threat from domestic or interpersonal violence.

Renting guides can be delivered electronically

Starting 19 June 2019, rental providers can deliver Renting a home: a guide for tenants electronically if renters have given explicit consent to receive notices via digital platforms.

Adjustments to rental increases

Leases entered into on or after 19 June 2019 are not permitted to include more than one rental increase within a 12-month period.

Victorian rental laws: upcoming changes

In Victoria, many outdated rental laws will soon be reformed and implemented, with all changes expected to take action by July 2020.

Upcoming reforms will cover various rental issues, including the following:

  • Tenants’ rights to house pets in rental properties
  • New options for the release of rental bonds
  • The removal of the ‘No specified reason’ notices to vacate renters on periodic leases
  • A ban on rental bidding
  • Changes in terminology: the term ‘renters’ will replace ‘tenants’, and the term ‘rental provider’ will replace ‘landlord’

You can learn more about the rental reforms currently in the pipeline by visiting the Fairer Safer Housing site.

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