Updates to navigation and links

Updates to our navigation and links!

Implemented 11 January 2019

After receiving some wonderful feedback from our new users we have amended the navigation and links on the home page and advertise rentals page to make it easier to sign up, log in and advertise on RentEzy.com.au.

We have made changes to the main menu navigation links to include sign up and log in. Some users on mobile phones were finding it difficult to locate our other signup/login links. Now you can quickly and easily sign up or log in from every page and the drop down menu on mobile phones.

New main menu for RentEzy

On the advertise rentals page we have added two links at the beginning of the page to take users directly to the choose advertising package page and to the upload rental advertisement page.

These direct links will save users time. Users can access these links also through their user dashboard, My Profile.

New links on advertise rentals page on RentEzy

Because it’s easy to advertise on RentEzy, we have also provided four quick links on the home page to ensure you can always quickly find the sign up, log in, choose advertising package and upload rental advertisement pages.

Home page links to signup, login, advertising packages and upload form, RentEzy

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This article was written by the RentEzy customer service team to inform our users about changes to our website structure.

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