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General assistance

Help with signing up, logging in, password.

Finding rentals

Searching, short listing, comparing rental properties, saving searches.

Advertising rentals

Using the online upload form to advertise rental properties.

Agents and agencies

Registering as an agent, promoting agency, REA XML uploads.

Guidelines for users

Guidelines for tenants

Key information tenants need to know when using RentEzy.

Guidelines for homeowners

Key information homeowners and private landlords need to know when using RentEzy.

Guidelines for agents

Key information agents (property managers) need to know when using RentEzy.

General assistance

How do I sign up?

Why can’t I sign up?

How do I log in?

Why can’t I log in?

How do I change my password?

How do I delete my profile?

Why am I not receiving any notifications?

What information is stored in my profile’s account information?

How to update my profile’s account information?

How do I sign up?

You don’t need to sign up to use RentEzy.com.au. However, if you want to access our advance search and advertising services including saving searches, saving rentals, uploading rental properties, and agency services for example, you will need to create an account. It’s free.

To sign up:

  1. Click the sign up menu link.
  2. Enter a username – this cannot be changed in the future, users will see this username.
  3. Enter your email account to be linked to your RentEzy user account.
  4. Enter a password, include:
    • 8-12 characters
    • lower and upper case letters
    • numbers and symbols
  5. Reconfirm your password by entering it in again.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Complete the reCAPTCHA.
  8. Tap/click the sign up button.

Why can’t I sign up?

There are a number of things you can check if you are unable to sign up.

  • Are you using the login page instead of the sign up page?
  • Check your username. Remove any punctuation.
  • We use anti spam technology so if you include key words or a web address in your username you won’t be able to sign up. We will delete any new users who use inappropriate user names or suspicious email addresses to ensure the integrity of our website and to maintain security. See our terms and conditions.
  • Have you entered the email address correctly? Your email address must include an @ symbol.
  • Have you re-entered your password correctly in the retype password text box?
  • Your password can include letters, symbols and numbers. Punctuation including the fullstop, colon, semi-colon and comma should not be used.
  • Is your password 8 or more characters in length?
  • Have you agreed to the terms and conditions?
  • Did you complete the reCAPTCHA successfully? We use reCAPTCHA to stop robots hacking our website.
  • If you have checked these and you still cannot sign up, please contact us.

How do I log in?

To log in you first have to sign up (register with us to create an account). When you sign up with RentEzy.com.au we send you a confirmation email.

To log in:

  • Go to the login page. This can be accessed from the main menu.
  • Enter your username (not your email).
  • Enter your password.
  • Tap or click the log in button.

Why can’t I log in?

There are a number of reasons you may not be able to log in.

  • Have you signed in first. If you haven’t created an account using our sign up page you will need to before you can log in.
  • Are you entering your username to log in, not your email address?
  • Are you entering the correct password?
  • To check your username and password, open the confirmation email we sent you when you signed up.

If you are unable to login, please contact us and we will reset your account.

Did you receive a confirmation email from us?

Open you emails and check if you received a confirmation email from RentEzy.com.au. This email will confirm your username and password. If you did not receive the confirmation email, first check your junk/spam folder, then it is highly likely that your email address bounced.

  • To correct an incorrect email address, you can go to your user dashboard, My Profile, once you have logged in and re-enter a new email address or correct it.

How do I change my password?

Your password is set when you sign up.

To change your password:

  1. Log in and open your user dashboard, My Profile.
  2. Scroll down the account settings until you find the change password section.
  3. Enter your old password.
  4. Enter your new password and confirm the new password.
  5. Tap or click the update password button. Your password is now changed. You may have to log in again using the new password.

Password guidelines:

  • 8-12 characters in length
  • include numbers and symbols
  • include lower and upper case letters

How do I delete my profile?

To delete or remove your profile, which is your user account, you will need to contact us. Tell us you would like your account deleted, provide your username and email account, then we will delete it for you within 24 hours.

Be aware that when we delete your account all data associated with your account will automatically be permanently deleted.

Why am I not receiving any notifications?

We send automatic notifications to you for various reasons to do with engaging with RentEzy including:

  • creating a new user account
  • purchasing an advertising package
  • uploading a rental property
  • notifications of new rental properties matching your saved search criteria.

If you are not receiving any notifications, then it may mean that the email address you supplied when you created your account contains an error.

Please check you received the confirmation email. If you did not receive the confirmation email, and you have checked your spam/junk mail just in case, then we suggest you check you account settings in your user dashboard, My Profile.

Scroll down the account settings to find your linked email account. Correct the email account if it contains an error.

Otherwise, please contact us and we will check your account settings for you.

Finding rentals

How do I save my favourite rentals?

To save your favourite rental properties, first you need to sign up and log in to RentEzy.com.au. It is free to sign up.

Search rental properties from the Home page or using the Rentals menu link.

When you find a rental property you would like to save to your shortlist of rentals, you are adding it to your favourites.

To add a rental property to your favourites from a list of results:

  • Click or tap the HEART symbol over the feature image.

To add a rental property to your favourites from a full advertisement:

  • Click or tap the STAR symbol found in the title bar below the rental amount.

Where do I find my shortlist of favourite rentals?

Once you have saved one or more rental properties as your favourites you can access them quickly each time you login to RentEzy.

Your saved rental properties are accessed from My Profile.

To find your shortlist of rentals:

  1. Go to My Profile (access from the main menu).
  2. Click or tap the button to link to My shortlist of rental homes.
  3. Alternatively scroll down to the My Profile submenu and select My Favourites.

How can I compare two or more rental properties?

Compare can be activated without the user being signed in. The compare feature allows two or more rental properties to be presented on a separate page with their key information compared in a table format.

To compare properties – add, remove and view the compare page:

  1. Find the rental property you want to compare. This can also be done using your favourite rental properties.
  2. Click or tap the compare symbol
    • if rental property is being viewed in a list, the compare symbol is found on the feature image, it is a double arrow symbol
    • if rental property is being viewed as a full advertisement, the compare symbol is the + sign found in the title bar below the rental price.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you have added two or more properties. We recommend only three (3) maximum as more than 3 may not fit on your screen.
  4. Once you have the rental properties selected to compare, you should notice on the right side of your screen a pop up with the label “Compare”. On this pop up will be images representing the rental properties you want to compare.
  5. Click or tap the Compare button to see the compare page for the rental properties.
  6. On the right side of the page you will notice an arrow. Click or tap the arrow to close the page.
  7. Rental properties can be removed from the page by clicking or tapping the X.
  8. The arrow for the compare page sits on the right side of the screen. It can be viewed or hidden by clicking or tapping the arrow.
  9. All rental properties need to be removed to close the compare page.

How do I save my favourite searches?

When you save your favourite search criteria, we will notify you when a new rental property matching your search criteria is uploaded by a private home owner or by a real estate agent. Get notified first before other tenants.

You will need to open Rentals to set up a saved search.

To save your search criteria:

  • Open the Rentals page
  • Enter in your search criteria, click the search button so it is activated
  • Click or tap the Save search tab
  • A pop-up window will open for the save search. Give the save search a title, for example, Pet friendly rental houses in Homebush.
  • Click or tap the Save button to save your search.
  • Click or tap the Close button to close the pop-up window.

Where do I find my saved searches?

Saved searches are accessed through your user dashboard, My Profile and the sub menu area My Saved Searches. You can click on the saved search title or click the search button to view rental properties matching the saved search on the rentals page.

To view your saved searches:

  • Go to My Profile
  • Open My saved searches by clicking the quick link button or scrolling down to the sub-menu in My Profile
  • You will see a list of your saved searches.
  • If you click the title of the saved search it will open up the search page and the rental properties (if any) matching your saved search criteria. OR click the search button and the search page will open.


My saved searches for finding rental properties

How do I delete my saved searches?

To delete your saved searches:

  • Go to My Profile
  • Select the My Saved Searches sub-menu or click the quick link button
  • Scroll to find the saved search you would like to delete
  • Click or tap the delete button.

How do I find private rentals?

We have a feature called “private rental”. Private landlords/home owners can turn this feature on to tell potential tenants that the property is not managed by a real estate agent.

To search private rentals from the home page:

To search private rentals from the rentals page:

  • On the rentals page, in the search box, click or tap Other features
  • Turn on the Private rental feature option
  • Enter other search criteria if required
  • Click or tap the search button.

Advertising rentals

How do I choose an advertising package?

  • Choose the Advertise menu from the navigation menu or bar
  • On the advertise page scroll down to one of the following links:

Option 1:

Buy or get free advertising package

Option 2:

Rental advertising packages, choose package

Both options will link you to the Packages.information where you can compare and select the package you want to sign up to. A free package is currently available, however this is for a limited time only.

Where do I find the online form to upload a rental property?

The RentEzy online upload form for advertising rental properties can be accessed in a number of ways.

Option 1:

Go to My Profile, click/tap the button to Place a rental advertisement.

Option 2:

Choose the Advertise menu, choose link to Upload rental ad.

What information do I need before uploading a rental property?

Our rental property advertisements are comprehensive.

Before uploading a property ad you should preview some of our rental advertisements to see the range of information provided including:

  • title for the ad
  • description of the rental property
  • address/location details
  • rental price and date available
  • status, property type, labels
  • number of bedrooms, bathroom, garage, living rooms
  • features
  • open inspection
  • contact details.

You will also need a range of images showcasing the main rooms and features of the rental property.

For more information about our online rental advertisements, see specifications.

For more information about images for a rental property advertisement, see managing rentals, take photos.

How do I upload a rental property using the online form?

The upload form is available directly at new rental ad. See where do I find the online form to upload a rental property.

Before uploading a rental property you will need to have a current advertising package. If you get a message saying you haven’t purchased an advertising package, go to advertising packages.

If you have a current advertising package, then the online form will be visible on the new rental ad page. See specifications for information relating to each section of the advertisement including important notes and example entries for the advertisement.

Tips to complete the new rental ad form:

  • Enter the title and the description. Click or tap “Show All” to see all the fields.
  • Click or tab through the fields entering and selecting the required information for the advertisement.
  • Required fields must be completed.
  • The rent price field does not include the $ sign.

How do I edit a rental property advertisement I have published?

You have uploaded your rental property advertisement and now you have decided you would like to edit the advertisement for a range of reasons including to correct a mistake, add more information, change the rental price, add more images, remove images and more.

Your user dashboard gives you access to the rental property advertisements you have uploaded. If you don’t see the edit icon for a rental property advertisement it is because your advertising package has expired. You will need to purchase a new advertising package to edit the advertisement.

When editing you can scroll through each section of the upload form making the required changes. Make sure you resubmit the advertisement after you have made all the changes.

To edit your rental property advertisements:

  1. Login
  2. Go to My Profile
  3. Open My Properties.
  4. Once at the My Properties page, you will see your rental properties. Click or tap the edit icon and the upload form will open with your advertisement details.
  5. We suggest clicking/tapping Show all to ensure you can see all the sections of the form.
  6. Make the necessary changes, additions, deletions in the rental property ad.
  7. When you have finished, click or tap, the Submit button to resave your advertisement.

Why won’t my rental property advertisement save and publish?

There are two main reasons your rental property advertisement will not save and publish:

  1. the data entered in a field has been entered incorrectly usually including symbols or punctuation which are not required
  2. a required field is empty and the required data has not been entered.

We suggest checking the specifications for our rental advertisements, which details important information and example data for entering into the advertisement. You may discover you have incorrectly entered information into a section of the upload form.

If your rental property advertisement will not save follow these steps:

  • Click or tap the Show all button to ensure you can see all the sections and fields of the form
  • Scroll up to the top of the upload form and work your way down checking you have entered and selected appropriate information for each field. If the field shows an asterisk (*) next to its label then it must be completed.
  • Check the rent price field – it does not require a dollar sign ($) to be entered.
  • Check the address location field – have it been entered in full for mapping.
  • After you have checked everything, click or tap the Submit button again.

If you have tried to save the rental property advertisement and it hasn’t worked, please contact us so we can support you over the telephone.

Why won’t my photos upload into my rental advertisement?

There are a number of reasons a photo will not upload, usually it has something to do with its format or the size of the image file. We allow a maximum of 2 MB for each image. However, most images will be less than this filesize, as many devices and software generate web optimised images or allow the user to select a lower quality image and smaller size when sharing images.

Landscape images work the best with RentEzy.com.au. We suggest only using landscape images.

You can upload images from your computer/laptop, ipad, notebook or phone.

When an image is incompatible with our software you should see an error message below the drag and drop image section of the upload form.

Try uploading only one image at a time to see which image gets an error message.

If you can’t upload any images but the rest of the advertisement can be saved, please contact us. You can send us an email, with your images attached and we will upload them for you.

How do I hide my rental advertisement?

Using My Properties to access your rental property ads, you will find a list of your advertisements. Each advertisement can be opened from My Properties. Also you can delete, hide and reactivate hidden properties (conditional you have an active advertising package).

To hide a rental property advertisement:

  • Open My Properties
  • Scroll down to the rental property advertisement you want to hide
  • Click the hide icon below the featured image
  • Your property will now be hidden.
My Properties page

How do I delete my rental property advertisement?

Rental property advertisements are managed from My Properties.

Are you sure you want to delete your rental property advertisement? Instead of deleting a rental property ad you can hide it. Hiding allows you to reactivate the rental property ad in the future. This is the better option. Deleting a rental advertisement is permanent.

To delete a rental property advertisement:

  • Open My Properties
  • Scroll down to find the rental property advertisement you would like to delete
  • Click the delete icon below the featured image for the rental advertisement
  • Your property advertisement is now deleted.

How do I reactivate my rental property advertisement?

The advantage of hiding a rental property advertisement is that when the tenancy finishes, you can quickly reactivate and edit your rental property advertisement ready to find new tenants.

Note you can only reactivate rental property advertisements if you have a current advertising package. If your free trial has expired you can purchase the single advertisement or featured advertisement to reactivate the ad.

To reactivate a rental property advertisement:

  • Check you have a current advertising package
  • Go to My Properties
  • Scroll down to find the rental property advertisement that has been hidden
  • Click the reactivate icon below the featured image for the advertisement
  • Your rental property advertisement will be current again.

Agents and agencies

How can I register as an agent?

How can I promote my agency?

How do I access REA XML to upload properties?