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Conditions apply, must have at least one registered agent advertising regularly with RentEzy.

Conditions for promoting agency

Read the conditions below for promoting an agency with us and then complete the application form.

For a business to be promoted as an agency on the following conditions apply:
  • The agency has at least one rental property currently being advertised on
  • At least one licensed agent/property manager is registered as a user on and has been recognised as a licensed agent/property manager.
  • Each agent who is linked to the agency has a separate user account and has been recognised as an agent/property manager.
  • At least one licensed agent is using the agency package.
RentEzy agrees to:
  • provide this service to real estate businesses meeting the conditions outlined above until further notice.*
  • setup the business details including a logo
  • link relevant agents/property managers to the business information
  • link all rental properties being advertised by the licensed agents/property managers with RentEzy to the agency
  • list the business with its logo on the Agencies page.
We will remove the real estate business from if:
  • the business requests its details are removed from via the contact form or phone contact
  • the business does has not advertised new rental properties for rent for more than three (3) months
  • receives factual information identifying there is a legitimate reason why the business should not be promoted, for example: no licence, out of business, etc.

*RentEzy reserves the right to change the conditions and fees relating to this service. Notification in advance of at least 3 months (90 days) will be provided for any changes affecting this service.

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