Private landlord

It’s a big responsibility to be a private landlord. You are a private landlord if you have decided not to hire the services of a property manager. Instead, you are going to manage your rental property, whether it is a room or part of your family home, a granny flat in the backyard, an apartment or separate dwelling at a different location.

Information for private landlords

Managing rentals

As a private landlord, you need to be aware of and implement appropriate processes to manage and document the tenancy. Implementing effective communication and organisation are essential.

Rental documents

The tenancy for a private rental property requires the same documentation as a managed rental property. Each state and territory produces a range of legal documents for managing tenancies.

Rental laws

In Australia, there are federal and state laws which govern and regulate the management of rental properties. As a private landlord, it is your responsibility to be aware of, and implement the laws according to the relevant ACT.

Rental authorities

Additional information, documents, advice and updates to legislation can be obtained from the relevant rental authorities in each state and territory.

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