New rental property ad

Use the new rental property ad form to upload your rental property. Submit your rental listing now. Use this form manual upload of rental properties for private landlords and agencies. Ensure you have at least five landscape images to upload with your advertisement. See our specifications.

Are you uploading a private rental? Make sure you select the feature – private rental!.

We are a family oriented small business who pride ourselves on integrity. Therefore we want to ensure that only legitimate rental properties are advertised on our website.

As a result, we now manually approve all private rental properties uploaded to RentEzy. We will endeavour to approve each rental property as quick as possible. You will be required to provide proof of ownership or a right to advertise (e.g. tenants breaking a lease). See our advertisers terms and conditions for more information about our verification processes.

All listings are checked for legitimacy to ensure the safety of all users. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Click Show All to open the complete upload form. Scroll up and down to different sections of the form. You can copy and paste plain text into the description.

Complete all the required (*) fields.

Only use landscape images (up to 35 allowed). See specifications for guidelines to completing each section of the advertisement including important notes and examples of content to enter.

Submit your rental property advertisement when everything has been entered.

You will receive an email to notify you your rental property has been approved. This will be done as soon as possible.

Once your listing is approved, you can find your rental property from your user dashboard, My Profile, My Rental Properties.

If you have any issues with viewing our online upload form, please contact us or see support for more information about uploading rental property advertisements.

Trouble shooting

There could be a number of reasons your rental property isn’t being accepted by RentEzy.

Please check each of the following:

  • completed the required fields
  • no fields have a red box around them, if they do you need to change the content or provide content for that field
  • rent price does not include a $
  • allocated a status
  • identified a type of property
  • nominated a way for prospective tenants to contact you
  • loaded an address and it is pinned for Google
  • loaded a featured image.

Note when you rental ad is submitted it will need to be approved before it appears in the rental listings on the homes page and in the directory of rental properties.

Verification process

You will be required to prove your ownership or right to advertise the property, for example, a tenant breaking a lease.

We will email you asking for appropriate evidence.

See our advertiser terms and conditions for more information about the verification process.