New rental property ad

Use the new rental property ad form to upload your rental property. Ensure you have at least five images to upload with your advertisement. See our specifications.

Are you uploading a private rental? Make sure you select the feature – private rental!.

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Click Show All to open the complete upload form. Scroll up and down to different sections of the form. You can copy and paste plain text into the description.

Complete all the required (*) fields.

Only use landscape images (up to 35 allowed). See specifications for guidelines to completing each section of the advertisement including important notes and examples of content to enter.

Submit your rental property advertisement when everything has been entered.

After you submit your rental property go to your user dashboard, My Profile. There you will find a link to My Properties. Go to My Properties if you need to edit your advertisement.

If you have any issues with viewing our online upload form, please contact us or see support for more information about uploading rental property advertisements.