My Rental Properties

Use this link to open the upload advertisement page to place a rental advertisement.

Things you can do with your advertisements:

Edit rental property advertisement

You can edit your rental property advertisement to add, change or delete the details and images.

Update status of advertisement

When the rental property is rented, change the status "rented" so it no longer appears in search results.

Hide rental listings

HIde the rental listing so it doesn't appear in any searches or popular city pages. The rental listing can still be reactivated in the future if needed.

Delete rental listings

Delete the rental listing from the RentEzy database. This means you will not be able to reactivate the rental listing in the future if it should become available for rent.

Home Page

Do you want to edit your property ads and you can’t see the option?

If you don’t see the option to edit it is because you do not have a current advertising package. Purchase a new advertising package here.