Steps to advertise rental properties

How to advertise a rental property on RentEzy?

The difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail!


Sign up as a user

Sign up as a user for FREE. You will be allocated a user dashboard called MY PROFILE where you can setup your contact details and user profile image.



Login to RentEzy using your username and password.


Choose an advertising package

RentEzy offers a FREE TRIAL to try out our advertising services. Each user can only use one FREE TRIAL. LIMITED TIME ONLY. After the trial users can buy one off advertisements for $33 (single payment) or unlimited advertisements and featured advertisements for $99 per month (no lock-in contracts).


Download for FREE

Guidelines to help you plan and upload your rental listing.


Register to be an agent (optional)

Licensed property managers and agents can be recognised by RentEzy, allowing them to link all their rental property advertisements under their name. Conditions apply.


Organise images for the rental property

Our advertisements are easy to create. Plan your advertisement before you start uploading it. Check you have good quality landscape images of the rental property. You can upload up to 35 images. However, most people only need up to 10.


Create rental advertisement

Use our easy online form to create your advertisement. Click the SHOW ALL button to see all the sections of the form. The more information you can enter the more detailed and informative your advertisement will be, assisting tenants to compare your rental with other rentals.


Take a look at your beautiful advertisment

All your advertisements for rental properties will be available through your user dashboard. Click the advertisements in My Properties to view your rental advertisement. If you find any typing errors, or information is missing, simply edit the advertisement and resave it.


Update the advertisement when rented

When your rental property is rented, make sure you come back to My Properties and edit the status to Rented. Contact us if you need assistance with editing your rental advertisement.


Reactivate the advertisement

If after a period of time, the rental property becomes available again, you can reactivate the rental advertisement. Using you user dashboard, My Properties, you can select to reactivate the advertisement. This will be conditional on you having an active advertising package.