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Professional ads for private and managed rentals

Free and paid advertising available

Professional advertising for rental properties

Standard and featured advertisements available

While standard and featured ads display the same information,
featured ads are prioritised in search results,
so they get more user views.

Steps to advertise rental properties

Four easy steps - advertise your rental property within 15 minutes!

Load rental properties from your laptop, ipad or phone including up to 35 images.

Advertising packages

Choose an advertising package

FREE advertising
  • Free

  • 6 months Package duration
  • Unlimited Standard advertisements
  • 0Featured advertisements
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Single ad package
  • $22

  • 2 months Package duration
  • 1 Standard advertisements
  • 0Featured advertisements
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Featured ad package
  • $44

  • 1 month Package duration
  • 0 Standard advertisements
  • 1Featured advertisements
  • Choose
Agency package
  • $99

  • 1 month Package duration
  • Unlimited Standard advertisements
  • 3Featured advertisements
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Prices are GST inclusive

Advertise private and managed rental properties

We are not a real estate agency. We provide online advertising services for rental properties.

  • So whether you are a private home owner, property investor, building manager, property manager or agent, you can advertise your rental properties on RentEzy.
  • If you are a tenant breaking a lease, you can advertise the rental property with permission from the home owner or property manager (which ever is applicable).
  • Tenants who can’t find their perfect rental property can use our advertising services to create a rental wanted advertisement instead.

Learn more about rental wanted advertisements.

Where to upload advertisements

Place ads using our online form

Fill in details about your rental property including title, description, features, location.

Attach up to 35 images, video and 360 image.

Mobile friendly

Why advertise with us

RentEzy is an online advertising platform for private and managed rental properties

Anyone can advertise rental properties

Whether you are a tenant breaking a lease, private landlord or a property manager, you can advertise rental homes with us. Use our online advertising services to promote your private or managed rental property. You can advertise all types of rentals from houses to rooms, and label rentals that are pet-friendly, furnished, accessible, and budget/affordable.

User-friendly rental advertising services

Only 3 steps to advertise a rental property on RentEzy. It’s as simple as:

  1. signing up and logging in
  2. choosing an advertising package – free advertising available
  3. create your rental advertisement.

No lock in contracts

It’s as simple as choosing an advertising package, agreeing to our terms and conditions, then you can advertise a rental property on RentEzy. Also when you choose our free advertising, there is no obligation to continue using our services. Any payments for fee paying services are processed by third parties. We do not record or store payment information. See our Privacy Policy.

Instant advertising

Our upload process is in real time. The upload rental property form is easy and quick to complete. You can use your laptop or mobile device to upload your advertisements for rental properties 24 hours a day on RentEzy.

Cost effective advertising

Start advertising for FREE. Six months of free standard advertisements for every user, unlimited advertising for six months. Featured advertisements are available for a fee. They are prioritised over standard advertisements. While standard and featured advertisements look the same, featured ads get more exposure and publicity.

Promote real estate services

Licensed property managers and agencies who purchase the Agency advertising package are promoted on RentEzy. If the agency has a minimum of two agents advertising with RentEzy, we will promote the agency and link the agents to the agency. The agency and its agents are linked with their rental properties and receive a dedicated page to promote their business services, location and website. The Agency advertising package includes unlimited standard ads and three featured ads per month per account. See our advertising packages here.

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Easy steps to quickly create an advertisement for a private or managed rental property.

Frequently asked questions about advertising on RentEzy.

For detailed instructions about:
how to sign up, log in, manage your profile, rental advertisements, and more.

Our Help and Support page will give you access to the documentation you need.