How to save your search criteria

Only registered users can save searches.

Steps to save searches:

  1. Select Find Rentals from the navigation menu.
  2. Click Search rentals using advanced filters.
  3. Select or enter the filters required.
  4. Click the Features down arrow to see all features and select features required.
  5. Click Search. Scroll down to see rental listings.
  6. Click Save Search if you want to save the search.
  7. Enter a title (name) for the search so you will recognise it.
  8. Click Save. The search is now saved.
  9. You can access the search from My Saved Searches.
  10. Delete the search in My Saved Searches if you want to stop receiving notifications.
Find rental homes using maps
Use the find rentals page to search rentals with maps and filters.
Enter criteria to filter rental properties
Use advanced search criteria to filter rental properties.
Filter rental properties selecting details and features.
Select details and features to filter rental properties.
Title for saved search
Give the saved search an appropriate title.
My Saved Searches
Saved searches are located in My Saved Searches in the user dashboard, My Profile.