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Information and links to assist tenants using RentEzy.com.au.

Links to information to help tenants

Finding rental homes

Find rental homes – popular locations, private rentals, types of rentals and more

Search rentals – using filters including location, rooms, price, features

Use maps to search rentals – Australia wide

Support for finding rentals – saving your favourite rentals, comparing rentals, setting up saved searches

Find and manage my saved searches

Find and manage my favourite rental properties – shortlist of rental homes

Other information

Rental laws – links to rental laws in each state and territory of Australia

Rental documents – links to rental documents in each state and territory of Australia

Rental authorities – links to the key rental government authorities in each state and territory of Australia

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We offer tenants a wide range of free services to assist with finding a new rental home.

We value and respect your privacy. We will never sell or distribute your personal information to third parties. You have complete control over the information you provide us as a user of RentEzy. For more information, see Our Policies.

Unregistered Users

Unregistered users can …

Search rentals

Everyone can use RentEzy to find rental properties. Open the rental property advertisement to see if it meets your needs. Apply criteria to filter rental properties. Use maps to view rental properties based on location. Each rental property includes directions, nearby places, key features and more.

Compare rentals

Compare the details and features of rental properties to help you shortlist the rental homes you would like to inspect.

Registered users

Registered users can also …

Save search criteria

As a registered user you can save your favourite search criteria.

Notified of new rental properties as they are uploaded matching your saved search criteria

When rental properties are uploaded which meet your search criteria we will notify you via email, saving you time and the effort of searching through all the rental properties. You can quickly preview the rental property and contact the advertiser (private home owner, agent, tenant breaking a lease) immediately, getting a jump start on other potential tenants.

Shortlist your favourite rental homes

As a registered user, you can build a shortlist of your preferred rentals by saving them as your favourites.

Direct contact with the advertiser for the rental property

Registered users have direct access to the contact details for all rental properties. Contact information and messaging is visible only to registered users who have signed up and logged in to RentEzy.

Advertise rental properties or a rental wanted ad

Once signed up you have the option to upload a rental property if you have to break a lease or if you want to advertise a rental wanted.

Advertising as a tenant breaking a lease

Yes, as a tenant breaking a lease you can advertise a rental property using our online advertising services.

Conditions for advertising as a tenant breaking a lease

To advertise a rental property as a tenant breaking a lease you must:

  1. Get permission from the landlord/property manager to advertise the rental property
  2. Use images which you own or which the landlord/property manager has given you permission to use
  3. Clearly indicate in the rental advertisement that the advertisement is for a rental property where the tenant is breaking the lease. You can do this in the description and/or in the lease details field in the upload form.
  4. Select that you are a tenant breaking a lease for the Listed by field.