Guidelines for property managers

Information and links to assist property managers, agents and agencies using the services of RentEzy.com.au.

Why advertise with RentEzy?



No contracts

Self-managed listings

Advertising on RentEzy.com.au is cost-effective. Start listing using our FREE Business Trial and then upgrade to one of our business packages designed for property managers and agencies. See our Listing Packages.

Listings are self-managed, meaning you control when they are uploaded and removed from RentEzy. With the user dashboard, My Profile you can easily edit, upgrade, delete and hide rental listings as required.

Uploaded rental properties are instantly published in real time on to RentEzy.com.au.

There are no lock in contracts required. However, we will monitor rental listings as they are uploaded and if necessary make adjustments to the presentation of the rental listing if required. We will scan listings for completeness and any errors in the upload to ensure our listings provide all the information tenants need to make informed choices. See Our policies for more information.

Become an agent

Licensed property managers and agents can request to become an agent on RentEzy. This means when logged in users (tenants) click your name, they are able to view all your rental listings together on a separate page in RentEzy.com.au.

Register as an agent on RentEzy for FREE!

Promote my agency

Licensed real estate businesses including agencies can request to be a promoted agency on RentEzy. Promoted agencies are linked to their property managers/agents and linked to Find property managers, where tenants and homeowners can scan agencies/businesses and view an overview of the business, their rental listings, location and agents/property managers. Conditions apply.

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Helpful links and tutorials

Strata or building managers, property managers and agents can advertise rental properties on RentEzy. Steps to advertise on RentEzy are explained.

How to register for the first time and login to RentEzy.

Steps to choose a listing package. Free packages available. No debit or credit card details required to choose a FREE trial. No lock-in contracts.

Watch our video tutorial with step by step instructions how to use our upload form to advertise a rental property on RentEzy.

All registered users get a user dashboard. Learn how to add a profile image, setup your account contact details and social media contacts.

Access the user dashboard, My Profile, My Properties to edit, update, hide, delete and reactivate rental listings on RentEzy.