Find a rental property over Christmas: 5 must-know tips

How to find a rental property over Christmas

The weather’s warm. The sun is shining. The kids are finishing up for the year. There’s no getting away from it – Christmas time is right around the corner.

If your lease is up sometime between December and February, you could face a unique set of challenges securing a new rental property. People are extra busy around the holidays – and that includes real estate agents and private owners.

To help you find a rental property over Christmas, we’ve compiled five must-know tips. Check them out below and give yourself the best shot of securing a rental property that ticks all of the boxes. Let’s get started.

1. Prepare as much as possible

Typically, there are fewer rentals available over the peak holiday period. To give yourself the best shot of nabbing a suitable property, prepare as much as possible. Get to know the market leading up to go-time, and have your application filled out and ready to hand over to the agent, property manager, or owner at the inspection.

It’s also a good idea to ready yourself for moving day. Instead of leaving it to the last minute, pack up any non-essentials now. That way, you can relax a little more and enjoy the Christmas period.

2. Know what you want – and what you can afford

Just because you are looking for a rental property over Christmas, doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less. There is a property out there for you, and the more specific you can be with your wish list, the more likely you’ll be able to find it.

Here are a few things you might like to consider:

On a similar note, set a budget. By sticking firmly to a budget, you can quickly and easily rule out rental properties that could, in the long run, cause you financial stress.

3. Have your financial records ready

When you apply for a rental property, you will typically need to show proof that you can pay your rent on time now – and for the duration of the lease. Usually, this involves handing over your last few payslips.

If there are any other records that could demonstrate your saving capabilities and other positive financial habits, have those ready to go, too.

4. Show up on time

So, you’ve found a promising rental property and scheduled an inspection. Fantastic. Now, be sure to show up on the dot. Being on time is always important, but around Christmas time, it is critical.

Like you, the agent or owner meeting you probably have family waiting at home or other holiday responsibilities on their plate – do not waste their time by showing up late.

If you are running late for any reason (we all know how bad holiday traffic can be), a quick text message or phone call is common courtesy.

5. Make the right first impression

Scoring a top-quality rental property can be extremely competitive. Don’t ruin your chances by making a poor first impression. Instead, introduce yourself clearly, dress to impress, put on your best behaviour, and ask insightful questions.

Start looking for your perfect rental property now

To help you find a rental property over Christmas, we suggest starting your search now. The sooner you begin, the better. Check out available rental properties today.

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