Landlord coaching

Are you thinking of managing your rental properties?

Not sure what laws, documents, or processes to implement?

Worried you may do something wrong?

Don’t know where to go for assistance?

We support private property owners by offering landlord coaching services. We can help you if you are a private landlord that has decided to manage your rental property/properties without the assistance of a real estate agency or property management service.

We offer landlord coaching services to assist and guide you to manage your rental properties effectively and efficiently. Ignorance is not an excuse! It’s your responsibility to follow the law and meet your obligations as a private landlord.

Support for landlords in Australia

Why manage your own rental properties?

You just want to know more about managing rental properties.

You are dissatisfied with the services provided by your current property manager.

You want to reduce costs for your investment.

You have long-term good tenants in your rental property and you have decided to save money by managing your rental yourself.

You lost good tenants because of poor communication and irreconcilable differences with your property manager.

You are now the owner of several investment properties and you want to take more control of your growing rental property business.

Whatever the reason, we are here to coach you through establishing yourself as a private landlord.

How will coaching help you as a private landlord?

Our coaching services will help you achieve your goals in property management, while also helping you develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to be an efficient and effective landlord in the current rental environment.

Effective private landlords have excellent communication skills, especially negotiation and conflict resolutions skills.

Efficient landlords are organised and maintain accurate records. They have established procedures that they implement consistently to ensure current legislation is accurately followed, and they avoid any actions that would lead to non-compliance.

Modern landlords are fair, respectful, and understanding of the rights of tenants. They abide by the law and build positive relationships with their tenants, aiming for a long tenure.

Coaching sessions

Whether you are new to property management or you have been managing your rentals for a while, we will assess your needs. Our coaching is tailored to your experience and skills.

Let us assist you in streamlining your processes and maximising your available resources, with the end goal of saving you time and costly mistakes.

We’ll help you feel confident and in control of your rental business.

needs analysis to identify your individual coaching requirements

Tailored one-on-one
property management coaching

Exclusive resources – procedures, cheat sheets, and more

Coaching fees

We provide coaching services for a fee. Our coaching services can be delivered over the phone, via Skype, or in person. Coaching services can be purchased as you go, or as prepaid packages which are more economical.

FREE needs analysis included

Casual coaching

$110 (inc GST)


1 hour of 1-1 coaching
(can be divided into max of 2 sessions)

Delivered via telephone, Skype or

FREE needs analysis
(1st casual session only)

Exclusive resources

*conditional on location

Monthly coaching

$396 (inc GST)


SAVE 10% – $44

4 x 1 hour of 1-1 coaching
to be implemented within 1 calendar month

Delivered via telephone, Skype, and/or

FREE needs analysis

Exclusive resources

*conditional on location

Coaching course

$935 (inc GST)


SAVE 15% – $165

10 hours of 1-1 coaching
to be implemented within 12 months

Delivered via telephone, Skype and/or

FREE needs analysis

Exclusive resources

*conditional on location

How to start coaching sessions

Step 1:

Complete the online inquiry form below

Complete the coaching inquiry form below by providing your contact details so we can begin the process of determining your requirements.

Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose apart from communicating with you about our landlord coaching services. See our privacy policy for more details.

Step 2:

Select and pay for your coaching package

We offer personal landlord coaching services.

First, we will discuss your coaching requirements. Second, you will select a coaching package that meets your needs. Third, we will invoice you. Finally, when we receive payment for the invoice, we will schedule your coaching sessions according to the coaching package you purchased.

Step 3:

Book a coaching sessions

Coaching sessions are scheduled based on your requirements. We’ll get you to complete the needs analysis for us before the coaching sessions start so we can ensure we design coaching to best meet your needs as a private landlord.

Step 4:

Attend coaching sessions via
telephone, Skype, or in person

Depending on the contact method/s you have chosen for the coaching sessions, we ask that you be prepared at least 5 mins before the session. We will do the same.

Our coaching sessions include exclusive resources that we will send or give to you during the session.

Enquire about coaching services now

Complete the online enquiry form for coaching sessions as a private landlord


Briefly tell us about your property management situation. Including any issues or areas of concern you have. We will contact you to discuss your coaching needs.