Licensed agencies advertising rental properties on RentEzy

Select an agency to view their overview, rental properties available for rent, office location and listing agents/managers. Directly contact agencies/managers and link to their rental advertisements.

NSW Agencies

Registering as agent and promoting real estate services

Any licensed real estate agency with at least one agent/property manager/leasing officer that advertises rental properties with RentEzy using the agency package can promote their services on

Two promotional strategies are available:

1. Be recognised as a licensed agent/manager

Licensed agents and property managers can become a registered agent with RentEzy if they have purchased the agency package and have current rental properties being advertised. Terms and conditions apply.

Benefits include:

  • all rental properties advertised by the one agent or manager to be viewed together.
  • users regardless of being logged in or not, can click the property managers/agents name on the advertisement and directly link to their dedicated page.
  • the agent or manager is allocated a dedicated page including contact details, agency details (if agency is being promoted) and current rental advertisements
  • the agent’s name and agency (if promoted) is search engine optimised and includes back links to the agency’s website.

2. Promote agency/management services

Agencies or management services which have agents or property managers already registered and advertising rental properties with RentEzy through purchasing the agency advertising package can apply to have their agency promoted with RentEzy for FREE.

Agents/agencies advertising using the free advertising package are not eligible for their agency to be promoted.

This service is only available for agents/agencies who have purchased the agency advertising package and are promoting rental properties regularly on

This service is FREE for agencies and management services who meet the conditions for promoting an agency.