Types of advertisements

Two types of advertisements for advertising rental properties. While standard advertisements and featured advertisements display the same information, featured advertisements receive more views as they are prioritised in search results.

Featured ads benefits

Priority ranking

Rental properties advertised using a featured listing get more exposure than properties advertised with standard listings.

Attracting 4 or more times the views from renters!

Featured advertisements are prioritised in all search results and on all featured property pages. Every search will result in the featured properties being displayed first, followed by the standard advertisements.

Additional social promotion

Rental properties advertised using a featured ad also receive at least one additional social share, usually with Facebook. This gives additional exposure. We may also choose to do paid promotions with some featured properties (at our discretion).

Similarities between standard and featured ads

Display comprehensive information about the rental property

Standard and featured ads include:

  • a title
  • description
  • location which is linked to maps, directions and nearby places
  • price
  • type of dwelling
  • room details
  • special labels including pet friendly, accessible, furnished, budget, NRAS
  • features which are searchable by tenants
  • additional details including bond, open inspection
  • images, video, 360 degree and floor plans
  • additional files
  • contact details

Visible on home page

Both standard and featured ads will appear on the home page when they are uploaded as the recent rental properties.


Whether tenants use the home page search or the rental properties advanced search box, both featured and standard listings will appear in search results if they match the criteria entered.

Save and compare

Renters can save and compare both standard and featured rental listings.

Social media promotion

All rental listings whether a standard or featured rental listing are shared with at least one social media platform, for example, Pinterest.

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