Information included in rental listings. Both standard and featured advertisements include a variety of specifications to cater for the needs of private landlords advertising their private rental property and agents advertising managed rental properties.

Links to specifications for advertisement

Property title


  • keep it simple and brief
  • state the suburb and/or type of property
  • highlight a special feature about the rental property
  • use the full address
  • don’t use symbols or punctuation in the rental property title.


Titles for a 4 bedroom house in Indooroopilly which has scenic views of Mt Coot-tha could include:

  • Indooroopilly house with views of Mt Coot-tha
  • Indooroopilly 4 bed house with scenic views
  • Indooroopilly 4 bed house with pool
  • Indooroopilly renovated house
  • 4 bed house Bonhill Crt Indooroopilly

Property description


  • provide a brief introduction emphasising a location or lifestyle feature of the property
  • include detailed descriptions about the features and benefits of living in the rental property and the suburb/district
  • include any additional details required, for example, the home is pet friendly, contact details you want visible to all users.

Important information

The security and authenticity of information provided to potential tenants on RentEzy is very important to us. We will contact you if there are any concerns about the content entered in the rental property description.

Please ensure all information provided is accurate and not misleading. Any advertisements considered inappropriate or found to contain false information will be immediately hidden from the public until appropriate information is provided. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Property address


A complete address may include:

  • the property number, street name, suburb, state, postcode
  • if a privately managed rental you may decide not to include the property number but you should still provide the street name, suburb, state and postcode
  • the city/district field is preset for popular cities/districts in Australia
  • choose the relevant state and enter it separately
  • enter the postcode separately.

Important information

The address is used for pinning the rental property location on Google Maps and also to search rental properties. It is important it is accurate and that all fields relating to the address are completed accurately to ensure tenants can find your rental property easily and quickly.


24 Bonhill Court, Indooroopilly, Queensland, 4068

Unit 2/3564 Boundary Road, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Flat 1A, 27 Kamala Close, Mudgee, New South Wales, 2850

Boundary Road, West End, Queensland, 4101

Property status


RentEzy only advertises rental properties. All properties are for rent. If you want to advertise a commercial property for lease or sale go to LeaseEzy.com.au. If you want to advertise a residential property for sale go to SellEzy.com.au.

Four status options are available

  • Rent – available for lease for 6 or more months
  • Short term – available for less than 3-6 months
  • Rental wanted – ad placed by a tenant
  • Rented – the rental property is no longer available

Changing status settings

The status setting is used to search rental properties.

It is the responsibility of the advertiser (property owner, property manager, agent or tenant breaking a lease) to edit the status of the rental property advertisement when it is rented. To do this go to My Properties.

Rental wanted advertisements should be deleted when they are no longer required. This can be done in My Properties.

Property type


Advertisers can select one type to describe their rental property on RentEzy.

Types include:

Apartment (high-rise)

An apartment or unit in a high-rise (over 5 floors) which usually includes underground parking, shared communal facilities (gymnasium, pool, BBQ areas), and security entrance.


A single, double or triple story home attached on at least one outside wall to another duplex or townhouse.

Flat/granny flat

A detached or semi-attached home located on a property with at least one other dwelling, also refers to granny flat.


A detached suburban home.

House with acreage

A detached home on a large block of land in a rural district.


A room/s for rent in a private dwelling or boarding house. Usually house rules will apply.

Shared accommodation

A house/building set up for multiple people to live separately with some communal areas which may include living, kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities.

Tiny house

A transportable home (not caravan, house boat or motor home). The home must be portable and self-contained and not include an engine.

Unit (small complex)

A single or multi-story home located in a small complex (less than 5 floors) requiring tenants to share driveways and entrance. May include lift access.

Selecting property type

The property type setting is used to search rental properties.

To enable tenants to find the correct type of property it is important that advertisers use the correct type for their rental property.

Rent payment


  • provide the rental payment for the rental property in Australian dollars
  • enter the rental payment in numbers (no $ sign required)
  • indicate the rental period in the after rent text box


For $600 per week enter:

Rent payable $: 600

After rent payable: per week



Features can be allocated to a rental property to provide a quick reference of information relating to the rental property.

They are used to describe the internal and external aspects of the rental home including security, flooring, appliances, windows, heating/cooling, location and more.

Tenants can search a range of features to find the perfect rental home for them and also use them to compare rental properties.

Only allocate features which accurately describe your rental property.

Important note

To enable tenants to search for private rentals we have included a feature for private rentals. All rental properties with this feature turned on are also displayed on the private rentals page.



The use of labels assists tenants to quickly recognise and filter properties with the desired label. Labels are highlighted on the featured image for the rental property advertisement when it is shown in search results.

A label should not be allocated if it is not appropriate for the property.

Tenants can search all labels if they are looking for properties that match more than one label.

Choose from the following labels for rental properties:

Pet friendly:

Indicates the rental property is suitable for pets and allows pets on application


Indicates the property is partially or completely furnished


Indicates the rental property is easily accessed by people with disabilities who may or may not use walking aids or a wheelchair, may also indicate that the rental property includes facilities inside and outside to enable people using a wheelchair to move safely in and around the dwelling.


Indicates the rental property is cheaper than similar rentals in the location. This will vary depending on the district. It is up to the advertiser to determine if the rental could be considered a budget rent.

NRAS or affordable:

Rent properties listed with the National Rental Affordability Scheme. Tenants have to meet specific criteria to be eligible for affordable housing.

Important note

What if I want to add two labels?

You can use our contact us page to inform us that you would like to add a second label to your rental advertisement. We can add the additional label for you.



Use the detail fields to easily identify information relating to the size, availability, lease and application.

Room information for the rental property:

  • number of living rooms
  • number of bedrooms
  • number of bathrooms
  • number of garages
  • size of garage

Additional information for the rental property includes:

  • date available for lease
  • bond
  • lease details
  • application details
  • open inspection details or dates and times

Important note

Only include the information which is relevant to the rental property.

Provide a date available and the expected bond amount.

The bond is entered with the $. For example, $2000.

Documents relating to the lease can be attached using the media section which allows up to 2 files to be uploaded with the advertisement. These files must be documents.



A variety of media can be uploaded for each rental property including:

  • images
  • video tour
  • 360 degree
  • floor plans
  • file attachments

Image gallery:

  • load up to 35 images for the rental property
  • the first image uploaded will be the feature image
  • image files should be less than 2 MB in size, ensure an appropriate quality for the web
  • images should be current and accurately reflect the rental property
  • images should use appropriate lighting and landscape orientation
  • remove embedded location meta data in images before uploading


  • upload a video (URL only) and a video image
  • file formats accepted – YouTube, Vimeo, swf, mov

Virtual tour and 360 degree:

  • embed code for the virtual code and image
  • upload a 360 degree image

Floor plans:

  • enable floor plans
  • provide a name for the floor
  • upload the floor plan image
  • multiple images can be uploaded for floor plans as long as each floor is clearly identified by naming it

File attachments:

  • upload up to two documents relating to the rental property for tenants to download
  • file attachments may include a property brochure, lease details/documents, agency publication

Important note

Portrait images do not load successfully and cause issues with the appearance of the property advertisement.

Use landscape images for best results.

Floor plan images can be portrait. This will not impact the appearance of the advertisement.

Contact details


Tenants have to sign in to view contact information.

There are a number of options for the contact information to be displayed to tenants.

Private landlords or tenants breaking a lease

Private landlords and tenants breaking a lease can use either their user account contact details or create different contact details by selecting use other contact details.

Property managers and agents

Property managers and agents have the option to use their account contact information or to link the rental property with a registered agent account.

Important note

Contact details are visible only to users who sign in.

We do this to protect your information from spammers.

However, you may want to create a special email account just for advertisements.

Agents, property managers who have an agent account with us, users will be able to see your contact details when they open your agent page with your linked rental properties.