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Prices current as at 9 July 2020

Advertising packages

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Standard package
  • $33

  • 3 months Package duration
  • 1 Standard ads
  • 0Featured ads
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Featured package
  • $55

  • 3 months Package duration
  • 1 Standard ads
  • 1Featured ads
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Agency base package
  • $99

  • 1 year Package duration
  • Unlimited Standard ads
  • 0Featured ads
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Agency Pro Package
  • $165

  • 1 year Package duration
  • Unlimited Standard ads
  • 12Featured ads
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All packages are GST inclusive. Conditions apply. Open4rent Pty Ltd is the owner of

Choose your rental advertising package to start advertising rental properties on RentEzy.

Property investors, property owners, private landlords, tenants breaking a lease, property managers, and real estate agents and agencies can advertise rental properties online with RentEzy.

All ads are checked for authenticity prior to publishing.

Package inclusions and conditions

Packages will include a number of ads, type of ad and duration for advertising with rental ads uploaded using the online form.

Agency packages include additional services – agents contact page, agency contact page and REA XML upload of rental properties using a third party supplier.

See specifications for information about what is included in a rental advertisement on RentEzy. All listings are subject to approval and will be removed if not legitimate.

Conditions apply for all packages. See information below and our Terms and conditions.

Free advertising trials, package conditions

Subject to change and availability

  • Currently free packages are not available as at 9 July 2020
  • Free packages are subject to change and are only available for a limited time. We reserve the right to remove at any time.
  • Only one free advertising package per account.
  • Any free packages activated before they are terminated (no longer available) will be honoured.
  • At the end of any FREE package the user must buy another package to continue advertising with RentEzy.
  • Expired advertisements are advertisements which no longer have an active advertising package. RentEzy reserves the right to expire advertisements when the advertising package has expired.
  • Agencies can use REA XML for the free agency trial, however, they cannot signup to another account to get the free package multiple times if using REA XML.
  • Conditions updated as at 9 July 2020.

Standard and featured packages conditions

Two additional packages available for property owners/investors

  • Rental ads are uploaded using the online form. Easy access to this form is provided in My Profile.
  • All private rental listings require verification by the owner or tenant breaking a lease to prove the rental property is legitimately up for rent
  • Manage rental ads using My Profile, My Rental Properties.
  • Edit, update, hide and reactivate your rental property using My Rental Properties.
  • Change the rental listings status to RENTED when the rental property is rented. This way it can be reactivated when required. If the ad is deleted the ad cannot be reused including all images.
  • Once the rental ad is uploaded, the RentEzy team will search engine optimise and moderate the ad to ensure it does not contain any typing errors and to present it attractively. This may include editing images.
  • Refunds only apply if the rental listing does not display on RentEzy after it is uploaded by you. This is conditional on the advertisement being approved for publication, authorised as legitimate.
  • RentEzy will moderate any errors or omissions made by you when uploading the property and issues with images. We will assist you to fix any issues with your rental ad.
  • Refunds are not available if the rental property is not rented during the duration it was advertised on RentEzy as there may be a number of reasons for this.
  • We will expire any ads which are inappropriate or we are notified are false to protect our users. Any inappropriate information presented in any ads will immediately be removed. A refund will not apply in these circumstances.
  • During the duration of each package the rental listing/s can be edited, status changed to rented from rent and vice versa, hidden and reactivated.

Agency packages conditions

Advertising packages available for agencies

  • All agency packages have REA XML available, however agencies can do manual uploads if desired. We are registered with multiple providers.
  • Free packages may be available and are offered only once for each user. If multiple agents are signed up then the free trial can be accessed multiple times.
  • Agents and agency contact pages provide additional information. The agent information is entered through the user dashboard, My Profile. All requests to be recognised as an agent are checked for authenticity. Additional information can be added to the user profile after the agent account is approved.
  • Agency pages include additional information which must be provided to RentEzy. Use the Agency Services contact form to request an agency page is activated and provide the required information. We will contact you to confirm the page and information.
  • Rental properties, their views and status can be viewed on RentEzy using My Profile, My Rental Properties.
  • Agency rentals which are manually uploaded are approved and published instantly.
  • Payments are setup with direct debit for monthly amounts and can be cancelled at any time within one (1) month’s notice.
  • Refunds are applicable (pro-rata or in full) depending on the situation. The main reason for a refund would be that we did not provide the technical services of advertising your rental properties on RentEzy. However, if the issue was not caused by RentEzy and maybe a third party providing the REA upload we may negotiate any refund. Refunds are not provided relating to the successful tenancy of properties.

For more information see terms and conditions.