How to advertise

Four easy steps to advertise private rental properties on RentEzy.com.au including sign up for free, login, choose an advertising package, start with our free package, then use our upload form to instantly advertise your rental property. We offer REA XML upload services for agents and agencies.

4 step process

Advertise rental properties in four easy steps

Sign up with us. It’s free!

Log in to access your user dashboard.

Choose an advertising package. FREE trial available.

Use our online form to upload your rental property.

The advertising process

Steps to advertise in detail

1. Sign up

Sign up to set up an account for you as an advertiser. All you need to provide is a suitable username, email address and password. For further assistance with signing up see support.

2. Log in

Log in to your account. This gives you access to your user dashboard. My Profile includes account settings and it is where you go to access your property advertisements, My Properties.

3. Choose advertising package

Every user is allowed one FREE advertising package. Choose the FREE advertising package with no obligations. All our packages have a set duration and can be renewed at any time. While advertising packages are current, users can advertise, edit and update properties. When packages expire the advertisement will stay on RentEzy and can be hidden or deleted, but it can’t be edited/updated. Learn more about our terms and conditions.

4. Upload property advertisement

Property investors/owners and tenants breaking a lease can use our online upload form to place a new property ad. Find out more about the specifications for our advertisements and see support for assistance with uploading property ads.

Real estate agents can use our automatic upload services REA XML. Find out more about our agency services.