Help with steps to list properties online as well as frequently asked questions about advertising with us.

FAQ's advertising rentals

Who can advertise rental properties?

We allow advertising of rental properties from the following:

  • Real estate agent
  • Property manager
  • Private home owner
  • Property investor
  • Tenant breaking a lease

What advertising services are available for agencies?

Agencies can buy monthly advertising, including both standard and featured ads. The listings are uploaded with REA XML using a third-party supplier. Additional services are embedded into the advertising packages for agencies, including agent contact pages and an agency profile page.

For more information, see agency services.

What additional services are available for agencies?

Agencies and property management organisations can access three additional services:

  1. Agents page – a dedicated page for an agent linked to the user account that showcases one agent, their contact details, skills, and expertise, and links to rental properties.
  2. Agency page – a full page showcasing the agency or property management organisation, providing additional exposure, that includes links to the agency’s website. This page highlights agency specialties, features on the agencies page, links to agent, and rental properties. Multiple agent accounts can be linked to the one agency page.
  3. REA XML upload is available with multiple third-party suppliers. If we are not registered with your preferred supplier, we will consider linking with your provider.

We will set up all these services for you when you sign up for one of our monthly advertising services. For more information, see our agency services.

How do I activate the additional agency services?

We will setup the additional agency services including agency page, agent page, and REA XML upload. Contact us and we will organise to meet with you to sign your agency up.

What information goes in each rental ad?

Each ad can include the following information:

  • Title and description
  • Image gallery, video, 360 degree
  • Floor plans
  • Attached documents
  • Property status, type, and labels
  • Property address linked to Google maps and nearby places
  • Features (internal and external)
  • Rental price with before and after labels
  • Additional details including date available, open inspections and more
  • Preferred contact information

Learn more about rental listing specifications.

What's the difference between a standard and featured ad?

Featured ads get a lot more views

Up to and over 4 times the views than standard ads!

While the information displayed in standard and featured ads is the same, featured ads get priority ranking and additional social shares or promotion over standard ads.

Learn more about the differences between standard and featured listings.

What information do I need to create a listing?

Before you create a rental listing, make sure you have the following:

  • A range of good quality landscape images showcasing the rental property inside and outside (up to 35 images)
  • How you want potential tenants to contact you
  • The date the rental is available
  • Your rental price and bond (usually 4 x the rent)
  • What key features in the rental property you want to highlight

If you are a tenant breaking a lease, you should get permission to include any contact details for the agency or the private home owner.

How do I use the online form to upload my rental property?

Go to My Profile, and choose Upload a rental ad.

The upload form opens. Click the SHOW ALL button to open all the tabs for the form.

Work through the form entering the required information.

After filling in all the details click the SUBMIT button. Your rental property will be published.

Before placing a rental property ad, look at current property ads on RentEzy so you can see what type of information is used in an ad. Also see our specifications for rental ads for explanations of the information in a listing.

Where do I find the upload form to place my ad?

Login to access the online form to place a new rental ad.

Go to My Profile. Tap the button to Upload a rental ad.

How will renters find my rental listing?

There are a number of ways renters can find your rental listing, including:

  • On the home page as a recent listing
  • On any of the rental properties pages for each state, type of property, property label and more
  • In the rental properties directory with advanced search filters
  • Using the map of rental properties (accessed from the home page)

Where can I find my ad after I have uploaded it?

Find all your properties at My Rental Properties accessed from your user dashboard, My Profile.

How many potential tenants will see my rental listing?

Over 300,000 hits per month

Over 90,000 page views per month

Over 6,500 visitors per month

How many potential tenants will see your listing will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The feature image you have selected for the listing – the more attractive this image is the more views you are likely to get
  • The price you have set for the property
  • The title of the property
  • Whether it is a featured or standard ad

How do I remove my ad after my property is rented?

There are a few options to remove your ad from the search results when it has been rented.

Option 1 – Change status

The best option if you want to reuse your ad in the future – change the status for the rental property from RENT to RENTED.

To do this:

  • Open My Rental Properties (located in My Profile)
  • Select the listing
  • Edit the listing, changing the status to RENTED
  • Save the listing

Option 2 – Hide the property

Go to My Rental Properties (in My Profile), find the property, and click the option to HIDE the listing. The listing will disappear from all search results.

The advantage of using Hide is that if you want to reactivate the listing when you need tenants again you can, by going back to My Rental Properties and choosing to reactivate the listing. You will need to have a current advertising package to reactivate the listing.

Option 3 – Delete the property

We highly recommend not doing this. It will delete all the url links to your property in Google searches as well as generate a 404 page on RentEzy. The ad is deleted permanently. To do this you would go to My Rental Properties and click the delete option. Hiding your listing is a better alternative (see option 2) as it removes the listing from all search results, but maintains the url links to the listing if you decide to reactivate it again.

What happens when my ad expires?

A listing expires when your package duration ends. If you don’t renew your package or buy an alternative package, the rental listing expires, this means it is no longer visible on Rentezy, which is the same as hiding the rental ad.

To reactivate an expired rental listing you will need to purchase an advertising package and then go to My Rental Properties and reactivate the rental listing.

Can I upgrade a standard ad to a featured ad?

Yes, standard ads can be upgraded to a featured ad. You have to buy a featured ad package first. Then, go to My Rental Properties, find the rental listing you want to upgrade, and then choose to change it to a featured ad.

Can I change my listing after it is published on RentEzy?

Yes, using My Rental Properties, you can open any rental listing and edit its details and status. Edits can only be made while the advertising package is current, meaning it hasn’t expired. To edit an expired listing, you have to purchase another advertising package.

Can I reuse my rental listing when I need to find tenants again?

As long as you didn’t delete the rental property ad, yes, it can be reused many times. Each time you want the ad to be reused, change the status back to rent. Also you may want to review the rental price, date available, bond and open inspection information to make sure they are accurate and current.

To reactivate an expired rental listing you will need to purchase an advertising package.

How can I help attract more renters to my rental property?

While we will share your rental listing with Pinterest and Facebook (applicable to featured ads only), you can also share your listing with your social media platforms.

Can RentEzy upload my rental ad for me?

Yes, we will manually upload your rental property for you if you don’t have access to technology or have another reason preventing you from successfully uploading your listing yourself.

Manual or custom uploads is an additional fee paying service available for advertising private rentals. Contact us to request a manual upload now.