Agency services


Real estate agents and agencies have a range of services available to promote their rental properties and their services, and to support the upload of rental properties including REA XML uploads, agent registration with us, promotion of agency services, and more. Conditions apply.

The RentEzy team can organise the setup of all services for agencies or agencies can activate themselves.

Agency packages are setup with direct debit payments and can be cancelled within one (1) month.

Agent registration and contact page

One agent or property manager can register as an agent with each account.

We will setup an agent account for you which includes additional contact information. You also get a dedicated page, enabling tenants to view your properties with a profile picture and contact information, as well as links to your agency’s website if you have the agency page setup too.

See our terms and conditions for registering as an agent.


  • the agent is allocated a dedicated page including contact details, agency details (if agency is being promoted) and current rental advertisements
  • all rental properties advertised by the agent can be viewed on the dedicated page by tenants
  • tenants regardless of being logged in or not, can click the agent’s name on the advertisement and directly link to their dedicated page
  • the agent’s name and agency (if promoted) is search engine optimised and includes back links to the agency’s website.

How to register as an agent

Before applying to become a registered agent you will need to:

  • buy one of the agent advertising packages, this includes the FREE trial
  • setup your user profile in My Profile
  • activate in My Profile to become a registered agent with RentEzy.

To activate registration as an agent:

  1. Open My Profile from the main menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Account settings section.
  3. Tap or click the button Become an agent.
  4. A notification will be sent to us to process your application.

We will check conditions have been met and will approve your application within 48 hours (usually a few hours). Once approved your agent contact page will be ready to link to your rental properties as they are uploaded.

Don’t forget to go back to My Profile and enter in additional contact information as additional fields will now be accessible as a registered agent with us.

Agency promotion and contact page

After purchasing the Agency Pro Package, an agency can be setup to have an agency page.

An agency contact page provides additional details for the agency, links the agency to its agents and their rental properties. It includes a service description, contact details, agency website link and location.

After the agency page is created the agency is also featured in our agency landing page.

For more information about the conditions for agency promotion see our terms and conditions.

To apply for an agency page complete the form below

    REA XML upload

    We offer REA XML to real estate agents/agencies. To access this service, agents/agencies need to have purchased an agency advertising package. There is no lock in contract for this service.

    It is conditional on the agent or agency being licensed and having a current advertising package. Agency packages are setup with direct debit with one (1) month’s notice of cancellation. At this point the REA XML would be cancelled for the same end date.

    For more information about the conditions for REA XML see our terms and conditions.

    Steps to setup for REA XML uploads to RentEzy

    Create a user account for the agency or an agent.

    Login with your new account details.

    In My Profile, click the button to request to become an agent on RentEzy.

    Setup your user profile

    Once approved as an agent setup your user information including profile picture and contact information in My Profile.

    Once registered as an agent, we will have an agent ID to enable REA XML to be activated for you. We will contact you to determine which third party provider is to be used.

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