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Who owns RentEzy?

Welcome to RentEzy.com.au

RentEzy is a brand of an Australian-owned business, Open4rent Pty Ltd. Open4rent is a private company that provides cost effective online real estate advertising services for private and managed real estate in Australia and related businesses.

We are an advertising company focused on providing cost effective, professional advertising services for the property and real estate industry. Whether you are a tenant breaking a lease, home owner, self-managed landlord, property manager or agent, you can advertise rental properties on RentEzy.

Our story

The journey to RentEzy

The story of RentEzy began with my love for housing as a child. For most of my childhood I remember my father and mother building or renovating houses.

In 1992 as an in between job I decided to work in Real Estate. It was a lively workplace with high energy people and the right environment to develop a deep understanding of customer relations.

Today my focus is on entrepreneurship, web development, intuitive business and affordable housing. With a passion for integrity in property management, it was a natural progression to offer coaching services to self-managed landlords.

While owners can contract agencies to manage their rentals, there seems to be more and more home owners/investors deciding to manage their own rental properties.

With reduced advertising and management costs for self-managed landlords, I hope this allows home owners to maximise their returns, while also reducing the cost of rent for tenants. Every dollar makes a difference.

In a competitive rental market it is important to maintain costs and to offer attractive rents to tenants. They want value for money too.

I believe in choice and that comes with education and an understanding of the responsibilities and rights each person plays in the renting process.

That’s why RentEzy provides an alternative professional cost-effective platform for advertising rental properties, not only for private landlords, but for agencies and tenants breaking a lease trying to avoid extra fees.

Private homeowners

Homeowners and agencies can save hundreds of dollars advertising with RentEzy.

My interest in affordable housing developed while volunteering with Orange Sky and then later becoming a team leader. I discovered that the biggest issue for people who were living with homelessness was the lack of affordable housing.

Contact us to talk to us personally and see how we can help you.

Our values

Connecting people with rental homes


We value inclusiveness. Everyone has a right to find their perfect home. That means choice.

People choose to rent today instead of buying. As more and more people decide to rent, they need a broader range of rental home options.

To provide more choice we accept rental advertisements from private and business clients including tenants breaking their lease, private homeowners, strata/building managers, property managers and agents.


We offer dynamic advertising services which are supported by innovative technology. We update software regularly to ensure the security of the site and the protection of private information.

We value feedback and welcome suggestions from all users to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness of the services we provide.


We are a private family-owned business. The key to a happy life is choice.

Everyone has the power to choose including tenants, homeowners and agents. Situations change in a lifetime and we aim to have a broad range of rental homes advertised on RentEzy to help people quickly connect with the rental home right for them.

We encourage community and connection on RentEzy by providing opportunity for contact, providing feedback and commenting on advertisements. Users can communicate directly or indirectly with advertisers.

We provide articles and news to provide information about property management, RentEzy updates and news and promotions.

We value people and community. Because we care about our community, we support national community organisations who help people living on the streets, experiencing temporary homelessness or suffering hardship.

Our goal is to contribute in a positive way to reducing homelessness.


Because we are a small family owned business, our aim is to maintain a personal connection with clients and users (tenants). This means being responsive to the needs of everyone to the best of our ability.

We offer our services with integrity and as a viable option for advertising rental properties. As our users and visits rise we plan to expand our range of services.

Supporting our advertising services we also offer support for private landlords to self manage their rental properties through coaching.

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